Albufera Natural Park of Mallorca (Parc natural de S’Albufera de Mallorca)

Albufera Natural Park of Mallorca (Parc natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca) has more than 1,687 hectares of land …

… mainly wet grassland and marsh .

Tourists, Naturist’s, Bird Watchers and Hikers visit this exceptional natural park to enjoy its peace and beauty.

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This exceptional, and very important, true natural park is situated within Playa de Muro and Sa Pobla municipalities.. Naturists, Photographers, as well as Tourists, Families, and School Children are all welcome to come and enjoy walking and observing nature at its best. If you are coming to Mallorca, you really should …

… make an effort to visit this beautiful and peaceful nature park. You will not be disappointed. Natural Park of Mallorca is always a pleasure to visit, not to mention educational. We also recently visited the WWT Welney Wetland Centre in Norfolk, England which we found to be quite informative.

The Albufera Natural Park of Mallorca is vast, with many long and mysterious paths throughout, leading you through forests of White Poplar, Elm and Tamarisk. As you walk through the park, you will note that there is an extensive amount of common reed as well as many dune plants like Sea Daffodil and different types of Fungi. There are many hides dotted around the park’s waters …

… that provide areas for you to quietly observe the many species of birds in their natural environment, without disturbing them.

There are 303 different species of birds of which 64 (a mix of residents and summer visitors) actually breed here. Over 10,000 birds including herons and ducks winter in Albufera Natural Park of Mallorca. Many migrant birds such as swallows and garganyes rest here before continuing on with their journeys. We were lucky enough to witness cranes. The highlight of the visit for us was when we were observing the birds in one of the hides and a Golden Eagle took flight, causing the other birds and ducks that were there to scatter.

There are many types of fauna, however you will most likely spot the eel or mullet and …

… you will no doubt, encounter an Iberian Marsh Frog as they are abundant in the Albufera Natural Park of Mallorca.

There are also varieties of dragonflies, flies and beetles within this park and a moth species exceeding 450.

Fortunately, there is a programe to reintroduce bird species that unfortunately have vanished (i.e., the Purple Gallinule, the Red-Crested Pochard and the Red-knobbed Coot). In addition, efforts are constantly made to prevent invasive species like Terrapins, Feral Cats, Carp, as well as any alien plants from entering the park.

When we visited, we noticed that a team were performing various tasks in order to keep the waters in the park in good condition. These tasks include …

… maintaining the capacity and quality of the waters in the park. The principal waterways are regularly dredged. The dykes are frequently cleaned and there are floodgates to keep control of the water flow in the park. A Monthly analysis of the water’s chemical and physical properties is also performed.

When we were walking through the park, we noticed and wondered why there were cattle (native to Majorca) and horses (Camargue) within the park. It was interesting to learn that these livestock are used to expand the surroundings and create extra open waters.


The Albufera Natural Park of Mallorca (Parc natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca) is open to the public …

… from 9 am to 6 pm from 1 April to 30 September, as well as from 9 am to 5 pm from 1 October through to 31 March.

Admission is free but a PERMIT is necessary. This permit is obtainable at the Reception Centre in the middle of the park. Special Permits are available and required for groups and must be requested from the park in advance. Physically Disabled Visitors can arrange special visits and this can be obtained on request to the park.

You may enter the park on foot or by bicycle from the Pont dels Anglesos (The Englishmen’s Bridge). There is a designated parking area next to the bridge on the Can Picafort side, however, should this parking area be full at the time of your arrival, it is also possible to find parking in the nearby residential areas.

As mentioned previously, much hard work is performed to maintain this natural beauty area. By respecting the wildlife and other principles of the park, we will help to keep this lovely protected park area open for the public to enjoy and allow the wildlife to continue peacefully living in their natural environment. Therefore, we kindly ask that you …

… carefully read and respect the rules indicated on your visitors pass to the Albufera Natural Park of Mallorca when you visit. The staff have the right to revoke visitor’s permits should these rules be violated.

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