Spanish Inheritance tax, death duties , legal fees – up to 40%

Introducing: The Wincham Investments Spanish Inheritance Tax Protection Strategy

To protect your property and ensure your loved ones will inherit it without incurring Spanish IHT we have teamed up with Wincham Investments Ltd a United Kingdom company established in 1994 to help people just like you minimize their tax liabilities.

You can shield your children from those crippling debts through a simple, legal tax shelter that means it remains in the family, free of burdens like Inheritance taxes, death duties and legal fees in Spain.

You can build a solid wall of defense so that when the time comes, a simple declaration moves the ownership from you, to your loved ones.

No taxes or lengthy Spanish Will probate, no Spanish and UK legal fees… no being forced to sell.

You will maintain full control at all times. You can rent it, sell it, raise funds on it, just the same as you can right now.

You have the control to divide the property between beneficiaries in a much simpler format than normal Spanish Wills allow.

You can change the ownership percentages, without additional legal costs. click here fill in the form and we’ll send it to you immediately by post, fax or email, whichever you prefer.

But make a decision to act today. Time is precious, another year is flying by, and none of us truly knows what tomorrow will bring.



How effective is your current Will in protecting your loved ones? Following recent changes in legislation the European Union proposed amendments to the laws of succession and many of our clients are choosing to update their Wills. With the free movement of people around Europe it is becoming increasingly difficult for Probate Practitioners and Courts to determine where Probate should be obtained and which rules of succession should be followed for foreign nationals living abroad. It is more vital to have an effective Will to ensure your intended beneficiaries receive your assets. Non-residents purchasing properties in Spain are often urged to set up a Spanish Will in the belief this will shield them from Spanish Inheritance Tax.

This is unfortunately untrue and a Spanish Will can often complicate matters as it may conflict with an earlier Will prepared in the UK. A Spanish Will cannot be varied after death and therefore limits the options of the beneficiaries. If there is only a UK Will then, with agreement of the beneficiaries, the Will can be varied to accommodate the inheritor’s wishes. The only requirement of the Spanish authorities is to be presented with a death certificate and Grant of Probate from the UK, translated, notorised and apostilled.

We can assist with every step and guide you through the complete process with the assistance of our multi-lingual staff located in our UK & Spanish office.

Wincham Investment

Wincham Investments Ltd, established in 1994, has provided professional services to European Owners of properties located in Spain and is a member of the Association of International Property Professionals.

To facilitate the company’s expansion into a wider range of professional Services, Wincham International Ltd was formed which is a legal, taxation and accountancy practice, specialising in clients with international assets. Based in Congleton, Cheshire (UK) and Calpe (Spain) and with combined experience of over 65 years our directors are leaders in their field and dedicated to exceptional client service.

Our team consists of qualified professionals including UK Lawyers, Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Gestores (Qualified legal Assistants), Economistas, Abagados, (Spanish Lawyers) and Notary Publics.

Offering a full legal service in the UK and Spain, specialising in property, wills, probate and company sale and purchase we also provide – Taxation, Accountancy, Company secretarial, Debt collection and FX (Foreign Exchange) services.

The company holds a full Money Laundering Regulation Licence approved by HMRC to provide these and all other services on an international basis.

If you wish to learn more about the benefits of owning Spanish property within a UK Limited Company structure to avoid Spanish Inheritance Tax please visit Wincham

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