Grocery Shopping in Majorca

If you plan to go grocery shopping grocery shopping in Majorca, it is important to carry identification with you if you plan to pay by credit card. A Drivers License with your photo or your Passport are two acceptable forms of ID.

We find that the best prices on food are found in the local grocery shops in the towns. The prices are slightly more expensive in the Spars and other resort area grocery stores but they do carry most of the items that you will require and these shops may be more convenient for you. If you do however, decide to venture out of the resort areas, the grocery shops that we can recommend are:

  • Hipermercado
  • Carrefour
  • Mercadona
  • Al Campo (Palma to Alcudia highway)

Carrefour can be found in the larger towns. They generally have a very good selection of packaged meats and some have a fresh fish counter. There fruit and vegetables are sold individually. They also have fresh bakery goods.

Hipermercado is a very good grocery store and is set up very much the same way as Carrefour in their fresh fruit and vegetable section, however, they also have a butcher counter, fresh baked goods and some also have a fresh fish counter.

Mercadona is not in every town but they do have a great selection of foods. I think Mercadona has one of the best fish counters out of the three smaller grocery stores.

Al Campo is our favourite hypermarket in Majorca. It is located on the Palma to Alcudia Highway. This is a huge department store located in a shopping mall with clothing shops, a pet shop, children’s clothing, sports shop, shoe shops, cafes, shoe repair, candy shop, and a health food shop. So, if you need to do more than just groceries, this is the place to go. There is also a huge hardware store Leroy Merlin and a large sports shop Decathlon, in the same complex.

The Al Campo Department store carries fresh foods, clothing, electric and computer items, kitchen ware, stationery, and furniture. Just about anything you could ever want, you can find here.

The grocery section of this store is immense and the variety of food items is huge. The checkout counter makes it very easy for you as the cashier packs the items for you. You only have to put them into your shopping cart when they arrive at the end of the conveyor belt. If you are carrying purchases you have made before you enter this store, you will have to check them into the check in counter and pick them up on the way out. There are gentlemen outside the hypermarket entrance to guide you to this counter. There is also a very nice small restaurant where you can have lunch adjacent to the hypermarket and next to the Candy Shop.

If you decide to do your grocery shopping in the local areas of Majorca you may find it helpful to know how to ask for a certain item of food in the Spanish language. There is a list of words on our Learn Spanish pages to help you.

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