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Flights to Majorca

Travel costs can be discouraging when planning your holidays… … especially if you are going to be vacationing with family.

If, for example, you are a family of five, airline costs can really take a big chunk out of the vacation budget. So, it’s obvious why you would want to find cheap flights to Majorca.

We have lots of traveling experience. We journey back and forth to the UK to see Colin’s family and to Canada to see my family. We also have friends in many different parts of Europe that we make regular visits to.

Although, flights are generally cheaper in winter months and do tend to increase during summer months …

… you can still get cheap flights to Palma de Mallorca (Son Sant Joan) in summer months.

Because we are always booking flights, we have found tried and true methods of finding cheap flights to Palma, Majorca. We’d like to share these helpful tips with you.

Night and Early Morning Flights are always cheaper flights

Yes, it can be a little daunting landing in Majorca at three o’clock in the morning, but the savings are usually well worth it.

We have flown to Mallorca at an early morning hour in fact it was quite a few hours before our room was vacant. The hotel we were about to stay allowed us to store our large suitcase.

We found a 24 hour garage that sold muffins and fresh coffee, so we grabbed our towels and swimsuits and took our breakfast down to the beach. We ate our breakfast and took an early morning walk along the beach, and later a swim. It was quite romantic and a lovely start to our holiday.

Book Well In Advance

Many of our friends travel to Majorca every year. When they have returned from a holiday in Mallorca, they have booked their following year’s holiday straight away.

Try to book your holidays in advance. Sometimes, the closer you book to the date of your holidays can be more expensive, unless …

… you are lucky, and find …

Last Minute Package Holidays to Majorca We found a last minute package flight to Majorca that included the hotel costs, food on the airplane, baggage charges and insurance. If you can find these last minute deals, it is a great savings.

Budget airlines can offer these types of deals and often times they are great value for money, but before you book …

be sure to check out all of the hidden charges.

Different Airports sometimes have Different Flight Charges

Believe it or not, we have discovered that there are actually substantial savings to be had if you compare flights from different airports.

When we lived in the north of England, we had a choice of several airports to fly from. We were quite surprised that we were often able to get substantial savings simply from choosing a flight from one airport rather than the other.

If you have this travel option, always compare the flights from different airports before booking your flights. You may find that you too can save money on flights to Spain. If you would like to check out flights from different airports in your area, we have made it easy for you by using the link below.

There are many ways to find cheap flights to Mallorca (Majorca), and isn’t it nice to know that many airlines have regular flights to Palma de Mallorca airport during the summer months.

We want to make it easy for you to find your cheap flights for your next holidays in Majorca. We always book online as we have found this method to be the cheapest and most convenient. To help you make your choice we have included several airlines and travel agents with a brief write-up describing each company. It will pay you to check several agents/airlines as they often offer special deals.

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