Majorca Airport Taxis and Transfer Services

Majorca Airport taxis and Transfer services At the Palma de Mallorca airport there are abundant taxis just waiting for you outside. In high season, however, you may have to queue to get a taxi. One solution is to pre book your taxi via the internet. There are many companies adverising their services. I will list some for you at the end of this page.

Further information on Majorca Airport taxis, drivers are licensed to carry only four people with a reasonable amount of luggage. If you expect to have more than four people in your party, I suggest you pre book a larger taxi vehicle, to avoid any stress and delays in getting to your resort.

Something really important to remember is that the local taxi service in Majorca operates differently from those in the UK. The only way to explain it is that they are territorial. For instance, you could not call a taxi in Palma Nova to pick you up in Magaluf. You would have to hire a taxi in the Magaluf area. Every taxi service has their own territory and they do not encroach on each other’s territory.

If the light on the taxi is red, it means that they are occupied with a customer. So, look for a taxi with a green light. Some of the local drivers understand English, however I suggest that you write on a piece of paper where you intend to go.

Fares are very reasonable in Majorca and tipping is appreciated.

Another option to consider is using a transfer/shuttle service. These are very popular here in Majorca.

A third alternative is booking with companies that arrange to pick you up and also take you back to the airport as part of the holiday package.

I will list some Majorca Airport taxis and transfer companies that offer internet services where you can pre-book. 

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