Driving License requirements for Spain

Driving License requirements for Spain information update.

Expatriates who have been legally resident in Spain for two years or more must renew their driving license to meet the new regulations of face a fine of €200.

The new driving license requirements for Spain is a measure for the EU expats living in Spain requires that people form the 28 EU member states to renew any driving license they hold which is valid for 15 years or more in the case of car or motorcycle drivers (Group One) and 5 years or longer in the case of drivers of transport and larger vehicles (Group two).

The new rule which comes into effect in February 2015 applies to all expats who have been living in Spain for more than two years and will apply to newer residents two years after the date they legally became resident in Spain.

Spain’s department of motor vehicles DGT confirm that any EU expat who legally lived in Spain for two years or more must immediately renew their license to a Spanish EU license or face a fine of €200.

The driving license requirements for Spain changes are required under a new EU guideline aimed at eliminating the more than 110 types of licenses valid to drive in the EU countries and provide a standard license for all citizens.

Residents can renew their driving license by contacting the nearest traffic authority, calling 060 or via the DGT traffic authority website, http://www.dgt.es.

Proof of identity, proof of residence, the original driving license and a copy are required for the initial appointment plus a recent photograph and the official form. The fee for the new license is €23.50.

Drivers are also reminded that speed limits on many Spanish roads are to be reduced this spring. The speed limit on motorways will remain the same at 120 kilometers per hour (km/h), but roads with a current limit of 100 km/h will drop to 90 km/h and those currently at 90 km/h will be reduced to either 70 km/h or 50 km/h.n The following link will explain the new speed limits.

Motorists in Spain are also reminded that the fine for breaking the speed limit starts at €100 for speeds of up to 150 km/h.

The fine for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is €1,000.

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