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Spanish Food Translation my first experience of food shopping in Majorca was when we moved to the beautiful village of Alaro. I decided to go to the local Saturday market to buy some fruit and vegetables. I had only been in Spain for five days, and I didn’t speak very much Spanish so …

… I had no choice but to point to everything I wanted to purchase.

I managed to purchase what I needed that day. However, in the following weeks, I went on a mission to learn the names of food that I regularly purchased. The words were quite easy to learn and …

… my next visit to the market was a breeze.

The gentleman who had served me the previous time was extremely impressed with my limited Spanish and kept on saying …

… muy bien, which I later found out meant very good.

I felt quite proud of myself and his encouragement has motivated me to learn more and more Food Shopping words in Spanish ever since.

Should you decide to book into a self-catering hotel in Majorca, you will need to buy some food so …

… you may find the following list of words to be quite helpful.

I thought these Spanish Food Translations would sufficiently cover the words that you may need when you go food shopping in Majorca at the local weekly markets or supermarkets.

Types of Food Shops:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Butcher la Carniceria la kar-ni-the-reea
Super Market el supermercado el soo-per-mer-ka-do
Market el Mercado el mer-kado

Types of Bread:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Bread un pan oon pan
Bread Roll panecillo pan-e-thee-yo
Brown Bread pan moreno pan mo-ren-o
Wholemeal pan integral pan een-te-gral
Rye Bread pan de centeno pan de then-te-no
French Stick Bread una barra oona ba-rah
White Bread pan blanco pan blan-ko

Types of Meats:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Bacon tocino toe-theeno
Chicken pollo po-yo
Turkey pavo pa-vo
Cooked Ham jamón york am-on york
Lamb cordero kor-der-o
Pork cerdo ther-do
Rabbit conejo kon-e-ho
Sausages salchichas sal-chee-chas
Veal ternera tear-ne-ra

Fish and Shell Fish:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Clams almejas al-may-has
Cod bacalaos ba-ca-la-os
Halibut halibuts al-i-boots
Perch percha per-cha
Mackerel Caballa ka-ba-ya
Salmon salmones sal-mon-es
Sardines sardines sar-deen-es
Scallops veneras ben-er-as
Prawns, Shrimps (U.S.) gambas gam-bas
Snails caracoles car-a-col-es
Squid calamares cal-a-mar-es
Trout trucha troo-cha
Tuna atun a-toon

Dairy Products:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Butter mantequilla man-te-keeya
Cheese queso kay-so
Cream nata na-ta
Eggs huevos kho-we-vos
Milk leche le-chay
Margarine margarina mar-ga-rina
Full (Milk) entera en-terra
Semi-skimmed (Milk) semidesnatada semi-des-na-tada
Skimmed (Milk)/td> desnatada des-na-tada
Yogurt yogures yo-gu-res

Some Spices:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Chile chile chill-ay
Cilantro cilantro sil-an-tro
Cinnamon canela can-ella
Cloves clavos de olor cla-vos day ol-or
Dill eneldo en-el-do
Ginger jengibre khen-ee-bray
Parsley perejil per-e-hill
Hot Pepper pimienta caliente pim-yen-ta cal-ee-en-tay
Sweet Pepper pimenta dulce pim-yen-ta dool-say
Oregano orégano or-ay-gan-o
Rosemary romero ro-mer-o
Salt sal sal


English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Honey la miel la my-el
Sugar azúcar a-thoo-car

Drink (non alcoholic):

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Coffee café ka-fay
Juice zumo thoo-mo
Tea tay
Tonic Water agua tonica a-gwa ton-ee-ka
Water agua a-gwa

Drink (alcoholic):

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Beer cerveza ther-be-tha
Brandy brandy bran-dee
Gin ginebra khin-ay-bra
Rum ron ron
Vodka vodka bod-ka
Wine (white) vino (blanco) vee-no blonko
Wine (red) vino (tinto) vee-no teen-to
Wine (Rosé) vino (Rosado) vee-no ro-sa-do

Some Fruit:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Apples manzanas man-tha-nas
Bananas plátanos pla-ta-nos
Cherries cerezas ser-ay-thas
Grapes uvas oo-vas
Kiwi kiwi kee-wee
Lemon limon lee-mon
Lime lima lee-ma
Oranges naranjas nar-an-has
Pears peras pear-as
Strawberries fresas fray-sas

Some Vegetables:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Beans las judias las khu-dee-as
Bean Sprouts brotes de soja bro-tes de so-ha
Beetroot remolacha rem-o-la-cha
Broccoli brócoli bro-col-ee
Carrots las Zanahorias las than-a-or-ee-as
Cauliflower coliflor col-i-floor
Celery el Apio el ap-yo
Leeks puerro poo-er-o
Lettuce la Lechuga la lay-shu-ga
Onions las Cebollas las se-boy-as
Peas los guisantes los gees-an-tes
Potato la potata la po-ta-ta
Radish rábano ra-ba-no
Spring Onion (Shallot U.S.) cebolleta se-bo-yet-a
Tomato el Tomate el to-mat-ee
Swede (Turnip U.S.) Nabo na-bo


If you have particular food requirements, you may find the following Spanish Food Translation words to be useful.

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Sugar free sin azúcar sin a-thoo-car
Gluten free sin glu sin-gloo
organic bio bye-o
Fat free desnatado des-na-ta-do

Continental Breakfast:

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Jam marmalada mar-me-la-da
Toast tostadas toss-ta-das

Helpful Phrases To Use For Food Shopping:

The words in the brackets below are written in phonetics to help you pronounce the sentences correctly.

I would like two chicken breasts, please. Quisiera dos pechugas de pollo, por favor. (Key-sy-era dos pay-chu-gas day poyo, por fav-or.)

Do you sell milk here? Usted vende leche aquí? (oo-sted ven-day le-chay a-kee?)

Yes. You will find it on the shelves over there. Si, usted lo encontrará sobre los estantes ahí. (See, oo-sted low en-con-tra-ra so-bray loss es-tan-tes a-yee.)

Anything else? Algo mas? (Al-go mass?)

Nothing else, thank you. Nada mas, gracias. (Na-da mass, grath-yas.)

How much is it? Cuánto es? (Kwan-to es?)

Two Euros and forty-five cents, please. Dos Euros quarentacinco por favor. (Dos ee-you-ros kwa-ren-ta-theen-ko, por fa-vor.)

If you use this list when you go Food Shopping in Majorca your shopping experience will be made much easier and you will really impress the locals.

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