Recipe for Paella – An easy recipe for Paella, one of Spain’s most popular dishes

Here is a recipe for Paella that I use on a regular basis. Paella is one of Spain’s most popular dishes. Many people love Paella but shy away from cooking this aromatic dish for themselves. I use this tried and true recipe for my Paella because …

… it is easy to make, authentic and, simply delicious and, it only takes approximately one hour to cook.

Paella is traditionally cooked in a Paella Pan, however, if you do not have one, don’t fret …

… a very large, deep frying pan will do.

This Recipe for Paella is great if you have left-over chicken and ham and you’ve been looking for a chicken recipe to surprise your family with.

Tip: I always prepare my vegetables and cooked meats before I actually start cooking. I then place them in separate covered bowls. That way, I have all of my ingredients organized for this Recipe for Paella, ready to start cooking.

Whilst the vegetables, meat and rice are cooking, I then prepare the shellfish which are added to the dish later. You may prefer to prepare the Shellfish in advance as well. However, if you do not enjoy shellfish, you can omit these ingredients and make a Mixed Meat Paella.



3 – 4 Tablespoons Olive Oil
2 Garlic Cloves (finely chopped)
2 Onions (finely chopped)
2 Sweet Red Peppers (deseeded, cut into strips)
4 Fresh Red Tomatoes (blanched, peeled, chopped)
3 Cooked Chicken Breasts
1 Cooked Chorizo Sausage (or any sausage)
100 g Cooked Ham (fat removed)
4 Cups Rice
1 Litre Chicken Stock
2 – 3 Strands of Saffron
  Fresh Rosemary (finely chopped)
  Salt & Pepper (to taste)
10 – 12 Prawns (Shrimps) (Unpeeled)
10-15 Mussels (boiled until shells open)
200 g Cold Water Lobster Tails
200 g Frozen or Fresh Peas


Prepare your Vegetables and Cooked Meats for this Recipe for Paella Ahead of Time

Wash, and chop all of your vegetables and garlic and place them in a bowl.

Blanche, peel and chop the tomatoes and place them in a separate bowl.

Cut the cooked meats into small pieces and place in a covered bowl.

Finely chop the Rosemary and place aside.

OK. Let’s Start Cooking!

Heat the Olive oil in the pan.

Gently fry the onions, peppers and garlic on medium low heat until soft. The onions will appear to be transparent when cooked. Remove these ingredients from the pan and place in a small bowl. Set aside for the moment.

Place the Chicken and Sausage pieces in the frying pan and gently fry them for a few minutes.

Return the Onions, Peppers and garlic to the pan.

Add the Ham and Rice and gently fry for a few minutes just until the rice starts to brown.

Now add the Chicken Stock, Chopped Tomatoes and then the Salt and Pepper and Spices.

Simmer over low heat for approximately 25 to 45 minutes, or until the rice is tender.

Tips: If the rice does not appear to be cooking, cover the pan.

If the ingredients start to stick to the pan, you probably have the heat too high. You can add a small amount of Chicken Stock to the pan if you think that more liquid is required.

Whilst these ingredients are cooking …

Prepare the Mussels, Lobster Tails, and Prawns (Shrimps)


It is important to examine the mussels. Discard any that have already opened. Carefully clean and remove any beards.

Boil the Mussels remembering to discard any that do not open after boiling.

Lobster Tails

Important : If you buy Frozen Lobster Tails and Prawns (Shrimp), they must be properly thawed before cooking.

I prefer to steam the Lobster Tails first before adding them to the dish (see method below).

Cooking Lobster Tails:
Bring 1 cup of water and salt to a boil in the bottom pan of a double boiler pan. Place the Lobster Tails in the top portion of the double boiler and steam for approximately 8 minutes. Alternatively, you can steam the Lobster Tails in an electric steamer.

Important Tip: I place a wooden skewer into the middle top of the Lobster Tail straight down through to the bottom of the Lobster Tail. This prevents the Lobster Tail from curling up when they are being steamed.

Prawns (Shrimp)

Run the Prawns under cold water to clean them. As Prawns (Shrimp) tend to cook quickly, I add them to the dish directly without steaming them first, because …

… if you overcook Prawns (Shrimp), you will find that they become very tough and rubbery. You will know when the Prawns are cooked as they turn a coral/pink colour.

When the Rice portion of this Recipe for Paella is cooked, add the prepared Mussels, Lobster Tails, Prawns (Shrimps) and Peas and simmer for approximately 15 minutes longer.

Place the Paella in the oven on medium/low heat for approximately 5 to 10 minutes before serving this delicious aromatic dish. A glass of Red Wine, or if you prefer, a glass of Sangria will compliment this Paella dish nicely.

I am sure, like me, you will be using this Recipe for Paella more than just once. Enjoy!

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