Breaded Ham and Cheese Tapas

These Breaded Ham and Cheese Tapas are great party food as they appeal to both adults and children. They can be served as Tapas or …

… along side a fresh salad as an appetizer.

If you are a fan of melted cheese, you will find these delectable little titbits irresistible.

You will note that I have not specified the quantity of the ingredients. You can alter the quantity of the ingredients according to how many Breaded Ham and Cheese Tapas you wish to make.

Tip: If you can’t find long toothpicks, you can use thin wooden skewers, but you will have to break or cut them in half very carefully.



  • Sliced Cooked Ham (about ½ inch thick)
  • Emmental(or your favorite melting cheese)
  • Beaten Egg
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Olive Oil (not extra virgin)
  • Wooden toothpicks (long ones)

Tip: There is no need to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking. Ordinary Olive Oil will suffice for frying. Save the Extra Virgin Olive Oil for salad dressing or when having your starters with Aioli (see recipe for

Aioli, Garlic Mayonnaise Dip)


To make the Breaded Ham and Cheese Tapas, first cut the ham (which should be about ½ inch in thickness) and cheese into 1 inch squares. For each tapas you will need one square of ham and two squares of cheese.

Place a long wooden toothpick into the middle of one square of cheese.

Place a square of ham onto the toothpick next to the cheese and end with another square of cheese. Be sure to leave some of the toothpick showing at one end of the skewer.

Coat the ham and cheese blocks with the beaten egg and cover them well with bread crumbs.

When you have made the amount of Breaded Ham and Cheese Tapas that you wish to make, fry them in a frying pan with plenty of hot olive oil (not extra virgin olive oil) until golden in colour.

Place kitchen towels on a large plate. Place the cooked squares onto the kitchen towel and allow the excess oil to drain off. Turn them to ensure you drain all four sides of the squares.

Pull the toothpick out of the blocks entirely if you wish or, you could also leave them as skewer handles by pulling them out slightly.

I’ve only ever had Ham and Cheese Tapas once, but I really enjoyed them. It seems that every time I try to order them at a Tapas Bar, they are sold out. Now, that will tell you how nice they are.

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