An Easy Spanish Sangria Recipe to use as a guideline for a Very Pleasing Punch

Believe it or not, Sangria was actually designed to make a cheap Punch. There is no need to splash out on an expensive Red or White Wine (A Spanish Wine between €2.00 – €3.00 is just fine), although …

… I definitely would not recommend using a Wine under €1.00 (in order to avoid hangovers or headaches).

You do not need to choose the freshest, best looking fruit either. Just use what you can afford. After all, Sangria is just a Pleasing Punch, intended, for the most part, to get people “Happy” without too much expense.

This is an easy Spanish Recipe to follow as a guideline, and to serve at your next Spanish Fiesta (Party).

You will come across many different recipes in Spanish Recipe Books and on the Internet, however, although this may come as a surprise and probably a disappointment to you …

… there is no Mysterious Ingredient or Authentic Spanish Recipe for the Best Sangria. All you can do is experiment with different ingredients and find what taste best to you.

The name “Sangria” comes from the Spanish Word “Sangre”, meaning Blood, and although people native to Spain, rarely serve Sangria, I find that it is a great party pleaser and does accompany Spanish Dishes very well.

You can experiment with this recipe, adding or omitting ingredients that you do not like.

Sangria Recipe:

Ingredients: Note: This recipe calls 4 different types of liquors, however, if you do not like mixing liquors; just choose your favourite liquor and add it into the Sangria mixture. (Brandy is one I would highly recommend). The measures below should be used as a guideline only. By experimenting, you will find out what are the best measures to use for your own Special Recipe for Sangria.

1 Bottle Spanish Red Wine (or ½ Bottle Red, ½ Bottle White)
125 ml (1/2 Cup) White Rum
125 ml (1/2 Cup) Whiskey
125 ml (1/2 Cup) Cointreau
60 ml (1/4 Cup) Tequila
500 ml (2 Cups) Lemonade
500 ml (2 Cups) Orange Juice
1 Apple (Cored and Cut into Thin Slices, DO NOT PEEL)
1 Peach(Cored and Cut into Thin Slices, DO NOT PEEL)
1of Each Orange and Lemon(Peeled, Pitted and Separated)
250 ml (1 Cup) (Use More or Less to Taste) Sugar
Cinnamon for added flavour

As mentioned, you can use any one or all of the above liquors in Sangria, according to what you think you and your guests will enjoy.

You can soak your Fruit overnight in the Liquor for an infusion of fruit flavours, but this is not absolutely necessary. I would recommend, however, that if you do choose to do this, that you …

… remove the soaked fruit the following day, if not for better presentation of the Sangria, for the reason that the guests that decide to eat this fruit, will become “Extremely Tipsy” within “No Time At All”..

Therefore, I recommend removing the soaked fruit, and adding fresh fruit just about 10 minutes before serving.

You do not necessarily have to use to the fruit listed above either. Although Peaches, Lemon, Orange and Apples are highly recommended for flavour…

… You can try experimenting with different types of fruit, i.e., Strawberries, Cherries, Bananas, Kiwis, Pineapple, etc.


– Pour the Wine, Liquor, Lemonade and Orange Juice in a Jug or Punch Bowl.

– Add half the sugar and cinnamon to taste. Taste the mixture and if required, add more sugar.

– Add Ice and Fresh Fruit last.

– Serve and Enjoy! Again, it is not necessary to follow the measures exactly, because, there is no Magical, Authentic Spanish Recipe for Sangria. Just experiment, and find out what tastes best for you and your guests. Enjoy!!

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