Residencia Renewal - Read about How to easily obtain your Renewal of Residencia document.

Recently, Colin and I had to renew our Residencia. After many hours of research on the internet, we found that much of the information we were getting was contradictory. So ...

... Colin entered an excellent site where he found the correct information for locating and filling in the EX-18 form.

December 2012 Some of our friends have just renewed their Residencias and the A4 paper size which replaced the credit card size ID has also been changed to having a perforated section ( credit card size) which can be removed from the form and kept in your wallet.

Below is the link to the website for the Modelo EX18 we were able to get our new document in just one trip to Palma. This website explains what personal documentation is needed. You will also be able to download the necessary application form, type in your information on the form and print it out three times. When you log onto this Spanish Government website you must select Modelos de Solicitudes from the left side index and then selecting Modules de Solicitudes again. Here is a map to help you find the location of the Officina Unica de Extranjeria where you will need to go to renew your Residencia. It is situated on Poligono Levante, C/Ciutat de Queretaro s/n in Palma. The telephone number for this office is 971 989 170. The office opening hours are ... ... Monday through Thursday 09:00 to 17:30 ... Friday 09:00 to 14:00 Parking close to this office is very limited ... ... so I would suggest you park on a side street close by if possible, and walk to this office.

The building is located in the bottom right corner above the Ma 19 motorway and next to the words "Calle Ciutat"

I suggest you arrive at the gate to these offices earlier rather than later because ...

... although the office opens at 9:00 am, we arrived fifteen minutes earlier and there was already quite a large queue.

Whilst in the queue, we were directed by a gentleman to the door on the right. Inside the building there is a police officer at a desk. We showed him our personal documents and filled-in forms and said ...

... Necessito renovar nuestros Residencias. (We must renew our Residencias).

He looked at the paperwork we gave him and he then gave us a Modelo 790 form to fill in and take to the bank. This is a receipt form that is stamped and handed back to you at the bank once you have paid the €10.10.

I think I should mention here that ...

,,, the only days you can pay CASH for this document at a bank is Tuesdays and Thursdays.

However, as we found out, if you have a bank account at either the Sa Nostra or La Caija banks, which are situated on the main street close to the Officina Unica de Extranjeria, you can pay through your bank account straight away and return to the office immediately to obtain your Residencia.

Once we paid and the teller stamps your Modelo 790, we returned to the .... office and showed the friendly police officer at the desk the payment receipt form that had been stamped by the bank clerk.

The officer gave us a ticket with a number on it. They have an electronic numbering system that lets you know when it is your turn.

We then sat in the waiting area for what seemed to be about ten minutes until our number showed up on the number counter.

When our number showed, we entered the office situated just in front of the waiting area.

We walked to the available employee, where our personal documents, filled-in application form, and payment receipt forms were collected by the clerk. She entered the data in the computer. Although we handed her two photos, we were told that they were no longer required. We had to hand in our old plastic ID card and the clerk cut a corner off and returned them to us.

We were asked to verify the data entered (check you parents details as Colin's was wrong) and we were then given our Residencia Document. So simple.

You should be aware, that things have changed ...

... you no longer receive a plastic card, but rather an A4 Document. This was due to no fault of the Spanish Government. Apparently, the EU received many complaints from British Residents that they thought they should not have to carry a Residencia Card with them as they didn’t have to do so in the UK.

Well, now we have to carry around an A4 Certificate. Personally, I thought it was better to have a plastic card with a photo identification in my wallet.

If you are having trouble retrieving the documents from the link I have included direct links to the relevant websites. If you can use the main link it has a complete instruction file with Spanish/English translations to assist you. The form is a PDF format and you can download the Foxit Reader This software will allow you to complete the and then print off your three copies.

I have included some links to websites that offer information to UK citizens looking to purchase property in Spain. If you click on the links below it will take you to sites that give you information about registering on the local padron(electoral roll) or about inheritance tax loopholes and wills.
Form Modelo EX15 for NIE.

Form Modelo EX18 for Residencia Renewal.
Residencia and NIE application forms

Spanish Inheritance Tax

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