Can Picafort – A lovely resort for all holidaymakers

I think Can Picafort is a gorgeous resort full of luxury hotels and mid-range affordable hotels. This resort is very popular with both British and German holiday makers. It is located on the north east section of Majorca in the Bay of Alcúdia. It approximately 55 minutes away from the Palma de Mallorca airport, depending on the traffic volume at the time of your arrival in Majorca.

I have always felt very relaxed in Can Picafort and I love the view from the gorgeous beach and promenade. I often see a mini train that runs through and around this resort.

The main road through the town has been modified with new roundabouts and also the central median has been changed from white marker lines to solid pavement in many areas.

This has now stopped any left turns as these new medians have been placed opposite the side street. You now have to use the roundabouts to return to your exit.

Some of the pedestrian crossings controlled by lights have been changed. I will update this page when the modifications have been completed.

Can Picafort beach in Spring

The walkway that takes you up to the main road is full of shops and there is a great selection of bars and cafes, as well as a few discos.

You will find even more shops, hotels and bars on the main road running through the resort.

Pedestrian walkway from the beach upto main road

There are many shops within this resort, but if you require a change of atmosphere, there are regular buses that will take you into Playa de Muro or Alcudia.

There is a good selection of restaurants in this resort as well, however, our favourite is Vinicius Restaurant located on the corner of the walk-through and the main road that runs from Arta to Alcúdia. My husband always has the Pizza and he says it is delicious and always cooked to perfection. Being a pasta lover, I have tried them all, but my favourite is still the Spaghetti Marinara. If you enjoy seafood, I can highly recommend the Mussels.

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