Cala Figuera, wonderfully quiet place to relax and enjoy life

Cala Figuera is situated on the south east coast of Majorca, approximately 60km from Palma, and 16km from Cala d’Or. This traditional fishing village, Cala Figuera, is in the council district of Santanyi and has less than 600 permanent residents. There are some very nice hostels, villas and hotels, but just enough to offer a peaceful holiday, without the hustle and bustle of some resorts.

When you arrive here, you will immediately sense the peaceful atmosphere, giving you a feeling that time has stood still. A voice whispers to you that this is the place where you are about to spend the most peaceful holiday you have ever experienced. Indeed, if you are looking for a “stress-less” holiday …

…This is the place for you.

The resort is composed of high cliffs on the south side of the town and a fishing harbour at the end of an absolutely magnificent inlet. This harbour is devised of two small coves …

Caleta en Busquets and Caleta den Boira.

It is one of the most significant bases for fisherman in Mallorca, and houses a small fleet of local fishing boats. There are gorgeous traditional houses that line this absolutely stunning winding inlet of crystal clear turquoise waters …

the first house built dating back to 1306.

There is a very peaceful outdoor cafe just facing the inlet where you can enjoy a refreshing drink whilst gazing at the beauty. There are nice restaurants dotted all over the resort where you can dine.

Many artists have been inspired by the charms of Cala Figuera and, have relaxed in its fantastically calm atmosphere to create some of their best pieces of work. In fact, if you take a stroll around the harbour to the second inlet, you may be lucky enough to watch an artist in the midst of his or her creativity. For the photographer…

… This resort will offer you the greatest photo opportunities.

There is no beach in here, however …

… the small but lovely Cala Santanyi beach is just 4 kilometres away. There is a mini-train called the Cala Figuera Express, which runs during the summer months to take you to this beach.

There are some places that offer activities such as scuba diving. If fishing is a pastime you enjoy, there are fishing and boat excursions. There is also a facility in the village where you can rent bicycles.

This resort is most definitely not a trendy holiday resort that is full of nightlife, bars and discos. I can promise, however, that there is no stress here. Just a quaint, unspoiled place, where one can truly sit back and enjoy life in natural and tranquil surroundings. Just one of the most impressive and picturesque beauty spots on the island of Mallorca with a character all its own. I think we’ll retire here.

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