Cala Dor, Cala Egos, Cala Ferrera have 6 beaches

We can highly recommend Cala Dor It is one of the nicest resorts on the island. It offers a variety of mid-range (affordable) hotels, cheap (more affordable) hotels, quality hotel complexes, hostels, and agro-turismo hotels offering all options, half board, all-inclusive, and self catering.

Situated on the east coast of Majorca, these resorts are approximately seventy-five minutes from Palma de Mallorca airport.

On the outskirts of Cala Dor, you will find some beautiful homes and quiet holiday villas.

Agroturism hotels (rural tourism) also exist here. The agroturism hotels are becoming increasingly popular with those who are looking for a peaceful holiday away from the main resorts of Majorca. Constructed from old farmhouses or fincas, they can be extremely comfortable and a very nice accommodation.

Actually, you could say that there are three resorts in this area:

These resorts are popular with visitors from all over Europe. The six beaches here are small but really nice, with fine golden sand. The sea always seems to be a more vivid aquamarine colour in this area. My favourite beach is the one at Cala Egos, which actually consists of two bays and two beaches. You can walk from one bay to the other. You don’t want to leave Majorca without taking several pictures of the absolutely stunning vistas from the walkway overlooking these two bays and beaches.

I think that these resorts are suitable for families and couples alike. This area lends well to holidaymakers that like a little variety in their beaches. If you choose to stay in any of these resorts you will have the benefit from having a mini ‘road train’ that runs regularly between different parts of the resorts and their beaches.

Cala Dor has quite a bustling town centre in summer months, but I wouldn’t say that it is not quite as busy as the larger resorts of Majorca. The resort offers a variety of good shops, bars, and restaurants offering a selection of international cuisine.

Our friend Guilliam owns a very tasteful souvenir shop in Cala Dor called Rup i Tup. I’ve always thought that his shop is so well organised, making it very easy to find that unique souvenir or gift. He also has a great selection of trendy summer clothing at extremely reasonable prices.

The lovely marina, which is situated between Cala Egos and Cala Dor is extremely beautiful and a nice place to visit. You might be surprised to learn that this marina, despite its very tight entrance, is the most used by yachts and boats seeking protection from storms. You will see many yachts and chartered boats throughout the year in the marina of Cala D’Or.


There is a mini train that will take you from Cala D’Or to the very pretty, Porto Petro fishing port, or you the journey would only take five minutes by car.

I think that these resorts are very charming, as the majority of buildings, hotels, and houses are built in classic Ibizan style and painted white.

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