Alcudia – A great family holiday resort

The widespread area of Alcudia comprises the main resort area, which includes some residencial locations, as well as the old town. It is located in the North West of Mallorca, along with its neighbour, Puerto Pollenca. It is approximately 55 km from Palma.

One could say that this lively family resort is basically split up into three sections; Puerto Alcudia (Marina Area), Alcudia (Beach Area) and Playa de Muro, which blend into one by a long and sandy beach, extending as far as the resort of Can Picafort.

Many people like to stroll around the Puerto Alcudia Marina which has some very nice clothing and souvenir shops, as well as bars and restaurants where you can enjoy refreshment, soak up the sun and relax.

Alcudia (Beach Area) boasts a very long sandy beach, which seems to go on forever, and the shallow waters here are ideal for families with children. You can enjoy many water sports on this beach including scuba diving, windsurfing and sailing. Small Cabana bars are conveniently located along this beach. Just behind the beach is a street called Pere Mas y Reus, the main area for shopping, however, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and discos in this section of Alcudia. Just behind this street is a lake called Estanty Esperance where some residential homes are located.

Playa de Muro, a quieter and more exclusive part of the resort lies further down the busy main beach road towards Can Picafort, where you will find the S’Albufera Nature Park.

The Portal del Moll is the access to the charming Old Town. Behind the stone walls, the old town offers a quaint ambience, with its maze of cobblestone medieval streets. In Roman times, the old town was Mallorca’s capital. Even now there are many old mansions within the Old Town however, most have been converted into shops, cafes, and tapas bars. A multitude of tourists and locals flood the streets of the old town when the market takes place here on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Properties in the Resort area range from Apartments, Attached and Detached Houses, as well as Terraced Houses, however, there are many nice Villas on the outskirts where many people are also choosing to invest in property.

We love the beautiful port area. This resort also has a very large hotel complex called Bellevue that is very popular with the British tourists. We can highly recommend this popular resort for family holidays in Majorca.

Many holiday makers feel at home in this resort the second they arrive, and lately it has become more common for people to buy their own property on the island. This is a wonderful, affordable way to secure part of this timeless Mediterranean wonderland for a lifetime of amazing getaways.

The distance from the Palma de Mallorca airport to this lovely resort is approximately 45 minutes, depending on the traffic volume at the time of your arrival in Majorca. The time it takes to arrive to the north of the island has drastically reduced due to the extension of the new MA 13 highway.

Update driving information. You will be pleased to know that all of the major upgrades to the highway between Can Picafort and Alcudia is now completed. At the major intersections you will now find roundabouts with their own theme.

There has been many pedestrian crossings added so please drive with care.

Colin has asked me to warn drivers about the center lines. They can have an hypnotic effect on a driver. These lines are broad white and angled across the center on the highway

Where there was left turn restrictions, there are now mini roundabouts allowing drivers to turn left.

This resort is an excellent choice for families, golfers, singles and couples as it has a lot to offer.

The Marina Area

I know that you will really enjoy a stroll on the promenade around the port where there are many restaurants, cafés, and a small shopping area. It is a very relaxing area both day and night. From this promenade you can access the day-trip boats.

One of our favourite places is the Marina area which is also very popular with holidaymakers. You can walk through the marina, where you will find even more restaurants. I love dining here as you can enjoy a meal by the sea and watch the world go by.

I will never forget the day when my husband and I decided to go fishing here in the winter. He thought he got lucky and caught an enormous fish. I only wish I had a camera with me, because the look on his face was precious, when he reeled in a very big octopus.

For a change of atmosphere, you might enjoy taking the daily ferry service from the bay area over to Menorca for the day. The trip to Menorca takes approximately two hours.

The Platja D’Alcudia beach extends the whole of Alcudia, but in the marina area the beach is sheltered and the water is very shallow and warm.

If you want to obtain information about the area whilst vacationing here, the Tourist Information office is close to the marina entrance.

Located in the marina area, just up the road from the Tex Mex restaurant, you will find Little Britain. This is a British supermarket. Here you will find all of the traditional British foods and also you can book here for most of the islands attractions.

The Main Strip of Alcudia

The main part of this resort runs all the way to Playa de Muro and the majority of the hotels are located along this strip.

There is also a very popular area along the street “Pere Mas y Reus”, where there is a wide selection of shops, restaurants and bars. This is the main area for evening entertainment.

At the far end of this road, there is a large hotel complex called Bellevue a huge family resort with its own supermarket, playgrounds, and other attractions for children. This very nice complex actually holds 7,000 people and is extremely popular with British visitors.

Just follow your nose to the Lunas restaurant closest to the Bellevue Complex. They have a barbecue outside with huge skewers of meat and vegetables to tempt you inside. The shish kebabs are really nice too. This restaurant has great live entertainment every night and a large play area for the children.

There are several very nice Chinese restaurants down this road as well. We often eat at the Sol de Oro or we will get a take out (para llevar in Spanish).

Another very popular Chinese restaurant in the same street is the LAGO. They have an excellent buffet. We often eat here and your hosts Fran and her husband Sunny will make you feel welcome. They have a large selection to choose from.

I love Alcudia’s gorgeous golden beaches that run from the Marina area of Alcudia into Playa de Muro and then into Can Picafort. The area along the main road from the Marina to Playa de Muro has a great selection of restaurants and bars. They offer local Mallorquin, European and Mediterranean dishes. If you enjoy fish, you will not be disappointed, but if not, you also have a choice of English and Scottish dishes.

There is a fabulous hidropark in this resort where both you and your children can enjoy an exciting day.

Other water sports include Para sailing and Kiteboarding.

Hot Kiteboard season never ends.

No wonder Kiteboarding has become the fastest growing sport! Exciting and eye catching it seems like everyone is attracted to it.

You can make it happen all year round, worldwide, on water and on snow.

Great Kiteboard spots can easily be found all around the planet. Your Kiteboard gear is light and compact, everything fits into a single bag!

It is obvious to us why so many British families, and recently families from all over Europe choose this resort for their holidays in Majorca. It has absolutely everything a family could want and best of all, it is very safe.

The nearest Golf course to this resort is Alcanada which is approximately 3 kilometers away.

Alcudia Old Town Street with shopping and restaurants

I love the quaint old town and I would definitely recommend a visit, especially when the local market is on (Tuesdays and Sundays start from 10:00 a.m. until about 1:30 p.m.). This market has the usual wonderful fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, but I find it also has some very different items that most other markets do not have.

It is a real pleasure to walk through the town that has features dating back to Roman times. The surroundings are beautiful, and the shops in the area are very nice. You can also enjoy a cup of café con leche (coffee with milk) or a cool (cerveza) beer at one of the lovely cafes within the walls of this town. You might enjoy a visit to the Roman Ruins, that is very close by.

Depending on where you are located in the resort, you can walk, cycle, take the bus, a taxi, or a horse and carriage to the old town area.

The old town is absolutely gorgeous, and certainly well worth a visit.

If you are looking for the perfect family resort, we highly recommend Alcudia.

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