Spanish Translations for Days and Months. Very Valuable Words

Spanish Translations for days and months are very valuable words to learn. I am sure you will be pleased to have taken the time to grasp these Spanish words for the Days of the Week and Months of the Year. You will probably need to use at least one of them when you are in Majorca.

Days of the Week

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
Monday lunes loo-nes
Tuesday martes mar-tes
Wednesday miércoles myer-ko-les
Thursday jueves khweb-es
Friday viernes byer-nes
Saturday sábado sa-bado
Sunday domingo dom-een-go


You may see a sign on a store front with an explanation of the store hours …

Open Monday to Saturday – Abierto lunes a sabado (ab-yer-to loon-es a sa-bado).

Closed Sunday – Cerrado domingo (ther-a-do do-meen-go)

Months (of the Year)

English Word Spanish Word Spanish Phonetic
January enero en-er-o
February febrero feb-rer-o
March marzo mar-tho
April abril av-reel
May mayo ma-yo
June junio khoon-yo
July julio khool-yo
August agosto a-gos-to
September septiembre sep-tyem-bray
October octubre ok-too-bray
November noviembre nob-yem-bray
December diciembre deeth-yem-bray


I was born in the month of July – Era nacido en el mes de julio (Er-a na-see-a-do en el mess day khool-yo).

I am confident that these Spanish Translations for Days of the Week and Months of the Year will be useful to you in the future and that you will not regret having taken the time to learn them.

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