Learn Common Spanish Words and Spanish Phrases – A Great Starting Point

Learn Common Spanish Words and Spanish Phrases, listed below are easy to learn and …

… I can guarantee that you will really impress the Spanish people if you make a small effort to use them when you are on holidays in Majorca.

If you try saying the words in the brackets slowly …

… it will help you to pronounce them correctly.

But, before you start, I should tell you that …

… the (M) represents the masculine form of the word or phrase and …

… the (F) represents the feminine form of the word or phrase.

Also, it’s important to remember that when you see an accent …

… you should always put more stress on this part of the word.

You have nothing to lose by trying to Learn Common Spanish Words and Spanish Phrases so …

… Why not give it a go!

English Phrase Spanish Phrase Spanish Phrase Phonetic
Yes si see
No no no
Please por favor por fa-vor
Thank You muchas gracias mu-chas grath-yas
Don’t Mention It de nada de-na-da
Hello hola o-la
Goodbye adiós a-dyos
See you later hasta luego as-ta loo-ay-go
How are you? Cómo está como es-ta
Pleased to meet you (M) encantado (en-kan-ta-do)
Pleased to meet you (F) encantada en-kan-ta-da
Goodmorning buenos dias bwen-os dee-as
Goodafternoon buenas tardes bwen-as tar-des
Goodnight buenas noches bwen-as no-ches
Tomorrow mañana man-ya-na
Yesterday ayer a-yare
Today hoy oy
Tonight esta noche es-ta no-che
Now ahora a-ora
After despues des-pwes
Excuse me oiga por favor! Oy-ga por fa-vor
Sorry lo siento low see-en-to
Pardon perdon(M) pear-don
A un (M) oon
A una (F) oon-a
The (singular) (M) el el
The (singular) (F) la la
The (plural) (M) los los
The (plural) (F) las las
I would like queria key ree-a
Do you have? tiene tyen-e
How much is it? cuánto es? kwan-to es
Where is …? Donde esta …? don-day-es-ta
Where are …? Donde estan don-day est-an
Is there …? hay un (M) una (F) ay oon (M) oon-a (F)
There is no No hay no ay
I need necesito ne-the-see-to
I don’t understand No entiendo no en-tee-yen-do
I don’t speak Spanish No hablo Español no ab-lo es-pan-yol
Can you speak English? Habla Inglés? ab-la in-gles
The bill please La cuenta por favor la kwen-ta por fav-or
Same again please Mismo-mas por favor mees-mo mas por fa-vor
Can I? Puedo? Pwe-do
When? Cuando? Kwan-do
Why? Por qué? Por kay
What? Que? Kay
Could you help me please? Me puede ayudar por favor? Me pwe-day a-yoo-dar por fa-vor?
a.m. de la mañana day la man-ya-na
p.m. de la tarde day la tar-de

You will be surprised how quickly you will Learn Common Spanish Words and Spanish Phrases. Try a new one every day and before you know it, you’ll build up your vocabulary quite quickly.

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