2019 Dates for all fiestas in Majorca – So That You Don’t Miss Out

The dates of fiestas in Majorca are important to know, as you may just be lucky enough to encounter one when you visit Majorca. You will notice that many great festivals are held between the months of May and October when many people like to take their holidays in Majorca.

Date of Fiesta Name and Description
1st January New Years Day
5th January Three Kings begins – The City of Palma is the main fiesta but many resorts, villages and towns their own version. Children leave their shoes, containing food for the kings outside on a window. The next morning the children are delighted to find that the food has been replaced with a gift.
6th January Three Kings – Mass and Celebrations
16th January Fiesta San Antonio Abad – The Dance with the Devil represents the temptations Sant Antoni could not resist. Held as a local holiday in Arta, Sant Joan and Sa Pobla. Other areas also celebrate this popular Fiesta even though it is not a holiday.
17th January Sant Antoni Festival Mass honouring Sant Antoni with the blessing of Pets at the local Churches
20th January Sant Sebastia, Joint Patron of Palma This Fiesta is not only celebrated in Palma but also in villages and towns throughout Majorca.
21st January Santa Agnes Fiesta
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
February February is Carnival Month in Majorca that include live music and dancing as well as fairgrounds.
3rd February Sant Blai – In Sant Joan – To ward off soar throats, the local villagers are anointed with the Sant Blai holy oil.
12th February Santa Eulalia – Local Festivals
In February – Shrove Tuesday in Son Carrio – The Burial of the Sardine – A very different fiesta … An imitation funeral for the sardine is held. The Sardine is paraded around the village of Son Carriol, afterwards, the sardine is tossed onto a large funeral pyre. Followed by a celebration of live music and dancing. A sizeable portion of barbequed Sardines and Salad with a glass of wine is offered to all who attend this fiesta.
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
1st March Day of the Balearic Islands
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
5th April St Vincenc de Sa Cala – Local Fiestas.
13th April Palm Sunday
17th April Maundy Thursday
18th April Good Friday
20th April – On Easter Sunday, the Encounter, a procession held in Porto Cristo is held which symbolizes the rejoining of Mary to her risen son, Jesus. In Porto Pollensa, there is a celebration known as Davallament. Fiestas are held throughout the island including Palma.
21st April Easter Monday
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
1st May Labour Day.
2nd Sunday of May In Santa Ponsa – A re-inacted battle between the Christians and the Moors. (See our Santa Ponsa page for more details on this Fiesta)
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
9th June Whit Monday.
13th June In Arta – Sant Antoni de Juny. Pollensa – Ball de les Aguilles Fiesta of Corpus Christi
20 June Marratxi – Romeria de Sant Marcal – There is a market and exhibition of siurell and ornaments
24 June Muro – Fiesta of Sant Joan – Fiesta del Sol que Bailla
29 June Festival of Sant Pere in Palma Puerto Alcudie
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
2nd July Alcudia – Romeria a la Virgen de la Victoria
15 and 16th July Fiestas of Verge del Carme starts with an evening mass procession with local people carrying statue of virgin, the patron of fishermen to the port where the statue is brought aboard a boat that has been decorated for fiesta. This boat is followed out to sea by a procession of decorated fishing boats.
25th July Saint Jaume – Fiestas held throughout the island
28th July In Valldemossa – Santa Catalina Thomas
Last Sunday of July Fornells – Local Fiestas
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
2nd August In Pollensa – Patrona de Pollensa. – The Battle between the Moors and Christians is re-inacted.
10th August Selva – Saint Llorenc
15th August Assumption of Mary
23rd and 24th August Festival of Sant Bartomeu
28th August In Felanitx – Sant Agusti
29th August Sant Joan – Local Fiestas
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
3rd September Santa Margalida – Procession of the Beata celebrating the blessing by the pope of Cataline Tomas
21st Sepember In Bunyola – Sant Mateu
Last Sunday in September In Binissalem – Fiesta des Vermada (Harvest) – A rocket is fired at the finish of the grape harvesting. The younger village people then follow a drummer and piper to a field where a grape scuffle takes place.
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
First Sunday of October Fiesta Torrada d’es Borifarro – In Sant Joan – Fiesta of Black Pudding where Pork, Sobrassada and Butifarrones are roasted on BBQ throughout the village and later celebrations including traditional dancing and exhibitions.
12th October Hispanic Day
Third Saturday of October In Palma – Santa Cataline Tomas (La Beateta) Inca – Dijous Bo – A Popular Fair is held.
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
1st November All Saints Day
30th November In Santanyi – Sant Andreu fiestas, Local fiestas in Santanyi.
Date of Fiesta Name and Description
6th December Constitution Day
8th December The Immaculate Conception
24th and 25th December Families in Mallorca now celebrating Christmas as we know it with Santa Claus
31st December New Years Eve Celebrations – Celebrated all over the island with plenty of spectacular firework displays – some villages have live music, and dancing as well and of course with eating of the grapes tradition during the count down to midnight. In Palma “I”Estandard” is celebrated in honor of the Christian conquest of Palma in 1229.


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