Majorca ferry schedules and European ports information

Coming to Mallorca via Ferry when we moved to Majorca the experience was really quite enjoyable. We took the first ferry from Portsmouth to Bilboa in Northern Spain. On leaving the dock we took the main highway to Barcelona.

The drive through Spain was so scenic, the motorway was excellent.

There was a cinema on-board where we enjoyed learning all about the dolphins. I was amazed when we witnessed dolphins racing in front of the ship's bow.

The restaurants served very good food and there were some shops and bars on-board.

It was almost like taking a mini-cruise, it was so relaxing.

If you make the voyage from Barcelona to Majorca, as we did, you will see the majestic Tramuntana Mountain range. It is truly an awe-inspiring sight, so make sure that you have your camera ready one hour before docking. You may even get a glimpse of a cruise ship or two.

There are two main ports in Majorca - Palma de Mallorca (the main port on the east coast) and Alcudia (in the north). The Ferries that will take you to Majorca are:

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