Far East Travel and OceaniaTravel Information Guide – If you are thinking of travelling to the Far East for your next holidays, all the information you need is right here.

Unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity for any Far East Travel , but know many people who have and they have told me that they have really enjoyed their time spent in these exotic places. For instance …

My husband has traveled to Japan on business in 1990 and thoroughly enjoyed it. He told me that he took the high speed train to several cities and it was incredible.

Japanese bullet train taken in 1990 Japanese Golden Shrine of Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto
Japan, High Speed train. Mount Fuji taken from a high speed bullet train.

He also mentioned that when he visited Kyoto the cherry trees where in blossom and that they were absolutely gorgeous.

Cherry Blossom time in Kyoto Wakayama Crab restaurant with Colin and Steve
One of the picturesque sights if you visit Kyoto in the Spring A visit to this crab restaurant in Wakayama is recommended if you visit this city. Colin with Steve been entertained.

He also told me about his visit to the Golden Shrine or Kinkaku-ji. Kyoto is famous for its number of shrines.

Colin visited the local crafts center. He watched an artist painting a waterfall scene and he purchased this portrait and it was shipped to us when it was completed

Japanese beautiful gardens with water features Japanese Golden Shrine of Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto
During my trip to Japan in 1990 I was lucky to visit many shrines with beautiful gardens and water features. Kyoto, Japan location of the Golden Shrine or Kinkaku-ji. This is a must place to visit if you are going to Kyoto.

He had the opportunity to taste many different types of fish when he was in Japan, and being a fish lover, I am still very envious.

When Colin returned from his trip he had many presents that he was given by the General Managers of the factories he visited.

Colin’s son-in-law Carl took Colin’s daughter Louise to Thailand on their honeymoon. They said that they had a wonderful time. Carl was so impressed with the food in Thailand that he actually took a Thai Cooking Course when he returned. He still cooks Thai and having tasted one of his dishes, the course and the trip paid off.

But there are many other places to visit in the Far East and if you click on these links, you will have all the information at your fingertips.

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