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You can Earn A Living
on the Internet Too!

Travel Business

Build Your Own Website with SiteBuildIt - The Best Website Service Around

You too, can Build Your Own Website with SiteBuildIt.

How We Achieved a Profitable On-Line Business with SiteBuildIt (Our Personal Story)

We, like many people these days, needed a secondary income, to cover the rising cost of living.

We could see that having an internet business was definitely the way to do this, so …

… we decided to build a website, where perhaps we could earn a little more money to help with our finances.

What We Did Initially

We browsed the internet, spending many hours researching, and even trying the "Get Rich Quick" programs. After spending a lot of money and time on different web site planning strategies and programs, and earnestly putting them into action ...

... we were still failing.

We could not fathom out why everyone else seemed to be winning on the internet, but we were not. We asked ourselves what could we possibly be doing wrong?

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

We were feeling quite depressed, as we had spent quite a large sum of money, and now we had to find a way to recover this money. Although disappointed, we were also determined not to be defeated, and consequently ...

… we decided to try one last time.

We continued to search the internet to find the correct way to earn money online. Well, to our surprise, it didn't take long.

We've always believed that things happen for a reason. And it is true, our initial failures lead us to … … The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

We finally found an earnest company that showed us in an easy, Step-by-Step method, how to make income from a Content website ...

... without prior knowledge of website building. We didn’t even have to have any technical expertise, learn html or graphic design. Everything was there for us, and more.

Yes, by being fortunate enough to click on a SiteBuildIt link, we learned that the key to a successful, profitable website is to write quality content (words that sell).

SiteBuildIt – The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us

Ken Envoy (Our Great Teacher) is the CEO of this company. In the video, he did not boast about any “Get Rich Quick Scheme”, or “Building a Multimillion Dollar Earning Website” in days.

No, he said that there was Work and Time involved, but that we would win in the end.

After listening to the SBI Video Tour we both looked at each other and said ...

... This Makes Sense! Hurrah! We've found it!

It was so obvious and uncomplicated. If only we had found this months ago.

How SiteBuildIt Works

SiteBuildIt works on a simple, logical principle called CTPM, which stands for ...

Content ... Traffic ... Pre sell ... Monetize. (Click the link below to see a full description of CTPM)

Makes sense, doesn't it?

First you go through a practice called "Brainstorming", which narrows your selection of topics for your website down to the most profitable one for you. Naturally, this topic would be something you feel passionate about.

After that, you start building your website, going through the CTPM process ...

You create your website with information that people want (Content),

. Automatically, you attract people that want to read that quality content (Traffic),

. You then start building a trusting relationship with your visitors (PREsell),

. You start earning money by offering them something of value (Monetize).

What Convinced Us To Sign Up

We watched the video again, and again, and each time we watched, we became even more excited about SiteBuildit. But, having been bitten once, we were still on the shy side. So, before we took the plunge ...

... we decided to speak to an SBIer first.

The people we contacted were ever so helpful and extremely friendly. They told us that SBI had really made it easy and, although there was work involved, it had been fun work, quite educational, really eye-opening, and ...

… that building a website with SBI did eventually make a huge difference to their lives.

We knew we could apply ourselves, so the work involved did not deter us.

We didn’t even feel that we were taking a big risk, because SiteSell.com refunds you 100% of your money within the first 90 days of purchase, and on a pro-rata basis after the 90 days.

So, we jumped in with our four feet.

SBI said that this $299.99 ($29.99 paid on a monthly basis) would cover costs for everything we needed, for example ...

... Templates, Block Builders (if you do not know HTML, you use Block Builders),Form Builders, Autoresponder, Hosting, Email Address, and much much more.

We could not imagine another business that you could set up with expenses under $30.00 per month.

What Happened Next That Made Us Succeed

We paid the $299.99 ($29.99 paid on a monthly basis) and quite excitedly sat down to start our SBI Training.

It was absolutely perfect for us. Because SBI sets out everything in "days", we were able to work on our website at our own pace.

What we found really helpful was that SBI provides you a choice to learn by means of written steps or by use of videos.

What a relief ...

... all we had to do was follow SBI's straightforward instructions and we were on our way to success …

… At Last!

But, it did not happen overnight.

The SiteBuildIt Journey – One Well Worth Taking!

The journey was not an overnight trip. In fact, for the first few months, you don't even have a website. During the first months, you are in “Preparation Mode”, that is preparing ...

... to build a GREAT WEBSITE ... A website that will be profitable.

With SBI's Training and Tools, we even learned how to do "Market Research". By continually following SBI's Step-By-Step"Easy, Non-Technical" instructions, we were gradually building great pages for our websites. In fact ...

... we were shocked at how many people started visiting our website after building only a few pages.

After you reach a certain amount of visitors, you can start monetizing your website with Google Adsense, and other Revenue Sharing Programs.

We continued adding pages and getting more and more excited about our website. We even started building good relationships with some of our visitors, and were getting unique visitors to our website. And guess what …

… we started to make some money.

Okay. We are not millionaires, but ...

... we are generating a rewarding monthly income, earning enough money to pay the bills, do what we want, when we want to do it.

Some of the Benefits of How to Build Your Own Website with SiteBuildIt

We love our job and we are our own bosses. We are lucky enough to work together and, because of SiteBuildIt, we actually have more leisure time together.

SBI came through with all of their promises, and more. There are numerous methods of earning money from our website traffic. In fact, by building a website that appeals both to search engines and human visitors, we make passive income. In other words ...

... we do not have to be there to earn it. For example, we could go away on vacation for a few months, and our website would be earning money for us.

Because our traffic increases every month, our money increases.

Now, you might be thinking ...

... well, that’s fine but "I can't write".

Believe it or not, if you are writing about something you are passionate about, "the words just seem to flow".

And don't forget …

… SBI is always there to guide and help you through every process. You'll be amazed at how easy it is, and you can always obtain help through the Members Forum. SBIers are friendly and helpful people who want to see you succeed.

We highly recommend SBI to anyone who wants to build a great, profitable website. Whether you are a computer buff, or a computer newby ...

... you too can build a profitable website.

SBI gave us the confidence, tools and fantastic support to finally build a profitable website. Many other people use SBI to build their profitable websites, and you can see other case stories by clicking on the link below. Case Stories (By clicking on this link you will not leave our website)

So, if after reading Our Personal Story, you’re thinking that SiteBuildit could possibly be the way for you to build your own website, but you’re still not sure, you may wish to view the video below to learn even more. SiteBuildIt (By clicking on this link you will not leave our website)

Additional Benefits of SiteBuiltIt

SBI also have an Affiliate Program that supplies you with all of the landing pages, videos etc. to help you promote this great product. You can find more details by clicking on the link. Affiliate Signup

SiteBuildIt also offers a Value Exchange Link Program that is popular with site owners to help increase their link exchange rating.

We love SBI, because in our eyes, it is simply ...

... the Best Website Building Service out there.

So, don’t waste your money and time like we did, you have nothing to lose if you choose to build your own website with SiteBuildIt.

Colin & Marilyn Maddison


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