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About us, Who we are and what we do.

Hello. I’m Marilyn.

Between us, my husband, Colin and I have lived in …
South Africa

Canada(east and west coasts) …

… United States (California) …

… and England (South Midlands, and North East) ...

And, although we had planned to settle in England, we just could not call it “our home”.

We had been spoiled by the California climate and found ourselves constantly dreaming of once again …

… living in warmer climates.

Colin and I were also finding it very difficult working for others. You see, we owned our own business for many years when we were in Canada and the United States.

We realised that neither one of us were living the life we truly wanted.

Deep down in our hearts, we both knew it was time to change our lifestyle, so …

… we started our search for our “ideal place to live”. When we booked our holidays, we went to some beautiful places like …

… Greece …

… Portugal …

… and parts of Spain …

but, nothing appealed to us. No, we just couldn’t find that “perfect place to live”. We almost gave up, that is …
… until we spent a holiday in Majorca …

… where we were immediately hypnotized.

On the flight home, we just couldn’t stop talking about Mallorca, and how warm and friendly the people were.

When we returned home, we wasted no time. We literally dropped our suitcases, ran for the computer, and immediately started our search on the internet for a business in Majorca.

It took us only one hour on the internet to find something that interested us. We immediately contacted the seller and …

we returned to Mallorca … for business reasons of course.

We bought the business, put our house in England up for rent and moved to Majorca.

Three months later …

We were finally living our dream. We were living and working in “our perfect place” and, working in our own “perfect business”.

With our business we travelled the island, becoming familiar with all the resorts, finding some hidden beauty spots, and making many Majorcan friends. Before we knew it …

… we became more and more passionate about Majorca, as well as very knowledgeable.

We have been residents of Mallorca for more than five years, and we can honestly say that this is “our home”, and …

… we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

We absolutely love this island and its people, and that’s why we decided to build this web site.

We want to share our passion for Mallorca, and offer you helpful information and resources that you want and need.

We want you to have the opportunity to learn about, visualise and experience this beautiful island on-line before making the decision to …

… take your holidays in Mallorca.

Mallorca … for us, is truly “the perfect place to live”, as well as …

… a superb destination for a “perfect” holiday.

Our family love to come here for a relaxing holiday. As you will see from these pictures of our daughter Louise, husband Carl and grandaughter Charlotte as they enjoyed just chilling out in the pool.

My mother flew here from Canada to stay with us and all she talks about now is her holiday in Majorca. This is a picture of her arriving at Palma de Mallorca airport.

One of our nieces, Michelle with Jordan and Kai, recently visited Mallorca and we took them to Puerto Pollenca for a day out.

KAI on his fire truck

Kai on a sand car

We finished the day at Lunas restaurant by the Bellevue complex in Alcudia. They have a great play area for the children where they can enjoy themselves while you relax and listen to the daily live entertainment they offer.

Jordan looking after Kai in the play area.

We have only just started to build this web site but it will be growing larger and larger …

… day by day, step by step.

It is taking us some time to build, but that’s because we are building our web page carefully, and in the correct way, and best of all …

… we are really enjoying it!

So, please visit us regularly and watch our web site develop.

We want to add information to our site that is helpful to you and that you really want. If you would like to offer your thoughts on what information you would like to see on our web site, please enter your comments below.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
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… and superb guidance …

… and forums to offer you assistance.

This magnificent tool is now being taught in universities and colleges in the United States, instructing students on how to build a web site the right way.

That fantastic tool is …

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