Palma Aquarium's Sleeping With the Sharks

Sleeping With the Sharks, at Palma Aquarium is the ultimate thrill for children looking for a little excitement in their sleep over parties. These fun filled overnight gatherings are sure to make any kid’s party extra special and will inject some real excitement into a family holiday in Mallorca, leaving Mum and Dad free to enjoy an evening alone.

Palma Aquarium is the deepest in Europe and is home to an impressive shark tank measuring 33m long, 25m wide and almost 9m deep, where kids will enjoy their thrilling over night experience.

The sleeping with the sharks party will start with a tour of this ‘Big Blue’ area and every child is sure to be awestruck as the stunning sharks glide throughout their tank, which has been specifically designed to represent the Ocean’s deepest realms and magnitude.

The acrylic tunnel in the aquarium has been designed in a unique square shape so that you can view the sharks without any distortion, making the experience of sleeping underneath the sharks even more thrilling and as if you were actually in the water amongst the fearsome creatures.

After an educational but totally fun tour of the Big Blue it is time for dinner at the Cafeteria-buffet Mediterra, where all the children will enjoy getting to know each other before joining in a variety of fun games and activities.

When it is time to bed down they will be thrilled to lie amidst the sharks as they dance almost seamlessly through the glassy waters of the Aquarium.

Of course, Palma Aquarium sleeping with the sharks evening can’t guarantee that children will actually get any sleep as they lie underneath the giant fish, in total wonderment. After a night of such excitement, it is important to start the day in style and as such breakfast will be provided in the ‘Nautilus’ classroom.

With tummies full and spirits rearing to go, guests will then enjoy a ‘safari’ through the ‘Jungle’ where the Great Jaguar Spirit is hidden.

The jungle is in fact Spain’s largest rooftop garden and the second largest in the whole of Europe. It has been designed as a replica tropical rainforest complete with its own micro climate to ensure perfect conditions for the flourishing of stunning, exotic plants and children will delight in the colourful displays in hunting out the Great Jaguar Spirit.

There is also a fun stroll around the Mediterranean Garden, which is an exciting part of anyone’s underwater journey, taking in some of the beautiful flora and fauna of this region’s waters.

With such an unusual experience under their belt children will be sad to leave the aquarium but will be bid goodbye with a Big Blue farewell and an invitation to return to the aquarium in the future.

The price for this overnight sleeping with the sharks sleepover , where groups will be no greater than 25 guests, is €75 per child and is open to anyone between the ages 6 to 15.

Palma Aquarium

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