Seolinkvine, how to get 100% free AND 100% unique content on any topic, and have it added to your website on complete auto-pilot.

From: Brad Callen

Date: Friday, April 2, 2010

Re: How to get 100% free AND 100% unique content on any topic, and have it added to your website on complete auto-pilot.

Dear fellow internet marketer,

It's no secret that content is King on the internet. We've all heard that cliche statement hundreds and hundreds of times. While it might be a bit annoying, it's absolutely true... and it's even more true today than it's ever been!

To get traffic to your website, you MUST have both quality content AND unique content or your website will fail, period. If you don't currently have lots and lots of good quality content now, you know exactly what I'm talking about.There are 2 scenarios. Which would you rather have?No quality content = No Traffic = No MoneyLots Of Quality Content = Lots Of Traffic = Lots Of Money :-)

The problems we all face are:

It's REALLY boring to write your own content, unless you're that rare exception that absolutely loves to write. I'm not one of them.

It's REALLY expensive if you want to pay someone else to write "quality" content for you. Sure, you could outsource writing, but you're going to get poor quality. Poor quality content = Poor quality traffic (if any at all).

Getting content from Article Directories like etc. contain quality content BUT the problem is, it's not unique content. If the content isn't unique, you will... again... get poor quality traffic (if any at all).

So, what's the solution?

We've created it and it's completely FREE, with NO catches whatsoever!

We've created a system where you can have content from OUR enormous user base, added directly to your Word Press blog on completely auto-pilot!

It will be BOTH:

Unique Content

High Quality Content

You see, we have a very powerful, built-in content spinner/mixer that allows all articles submitted to our network to be spun into absolutely unique content. So, as our system adds these articles, on auto-pilot, to your blog, it will be unique to your website only!

Have a website related to health/fitness and need unique quality content? No problem, just hook your site up to SEOLinkVine and let us automatically add unique/quality content to your site!

Have a website related to making money online? Not a problem. Hook it up to SEOLinkVine...

Or have a website related to collecting one legged European grasshoppers? Just hook it up to SEOLinkVine and let us feed the content to your site...

It doesn't matter what the topic of your website is, we'll be able to automatically feed your site unique, quality content for as long as you want! AND absolutely FREE!

With this unique, quality content, you'll be able to use it to generate targeted searches to your website from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The more content you have, the bigger your site will be. The bigger your site is, the bigger your "NET" for catching fish will be.

Think about it, if you have an article on everything related to one legged European grasshoppers, you stand an extremely good chance of ranking very well in Google for terms related to that when someone searches for it in Google.

Now, obviously I'm being a bit silly with that example, but I'm sure you understand the idea that I'm trying to get across.

After you sign up for free, you'll actually put 0 daily work into this. You just sign up for a free SEOLinkVine account and let us feed you the articles each and every day, for as long as you want! And that's it!

It doesn't get any easier than this, I assure you.

So, go ahead and sign up for your free account, and let us take care of the rest.

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