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We do it All at for insurance made easy. Our service is fast, competitive and will provide a unique and proper insurance for you whether you live permanently in Spain or have a holiday home and visit. Whatever you are looking for we will aim to find. Our staff are multilingual experienced professionals that will provide qualified information relating to any type of insurance available, or that you need in Spain without obligation. We pride ourselves on giving you an individual and personal consultation, quote or just some advice, so it’s right first time. At Insurance in Spain we will be there when you need us most! If things go wrong and you need to make a claim, we are there to assist you every step of the way. Our aim is to make things easy and pleasant so you can get on with life in the sun without worry or stress.

If you are looking for a general insurance coverage then this is the policy page General Insurance Page

Insurance in Spain household and contents policy information

Your home, holiday home or rental property will be one of your most valuable assets in Spain. As such, it is advisable to ensure that it is properly protected. In many cases, particularly when you have a loan or a mortgage from a local bank in Spain, they may insist that you take out an Insurance policy provided by the bank. Be warned - these policies are for protecting the banks assets, which in the case of a loan or mortgage in Spain, is your property and may not provide full cover for you House Insurance Page

Insurance in Spain Travel Insurance

We all want to be secure and safe when we decide to take a holiday or need to travel for business purposes. The ergonomics of travelling has changed in the past 15 years with the emphasis on safety and security due to the large number and continuous risk of a possible terror attack, wherever we are. Having Travel Insurance is more important now than ever. You should ask yourself this question:- if you were injured or involved in any form of terror attack, would your travel insurance cover you for medical and repatriation expenses? Our travel Insurance provider does. Travel Insurance

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