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Having lived in the United Kingdom for six years, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit some of the lovely quaint villages in Britain.

I absolutely loved Scarborough and Whitby …

… two areas by the sea with absolutely stunning views.

The countryside is ever so pretty and the lovely thatched cottages just overwhelmed me. We lived in a small village and our friends Ralph and Blanche lived in this beautiful cottage shown below.

We also played golf at Silverstone Golf Club which Ralph and Blanche owned. I have include some photos showing me getting ready to tee-off with Colin and two of our friends, Tony and Wendy.

We were lucky to attend many functions held at the club house.

England, Grendon Underwood, Summer Place thatched cottage Siverstone Golf Club annual members presentaion with Blanche, Ralph and Marilyn Silverstone Golf club competition with Tony, Wendy, Marilyn and Colin title=

We also visited some very interesting historical sites like …

… Stonehenge.

We also visited Scotland (Edinburgh), which reminded me of my hometown of Montreal, Quebec …

… both cities are surrounded by a mountain.

Scotland, View of Edinburgh Scotland, view of Firth of Forth bridge

Colin and I love to fish. One long weekend we packed up all of our fishing gear, and drove up to the east coast of Scotland …

… where we fished in the stunning area of St. Abbs close to Eyemouth. We stayed in a caravan camp. We didn’t catch many fish, but it was an experience. Where we had to go fishing, we had to climb up and down the undulating hills on the coastline to the lighthouse at St Abbs. I was amazed when I saw that sheep, equipped with hoofs, were so agile and could climb a lot faster and easier than myself. On our way home we stopped and fished at Berwick upon Tweed.

We also went fishing in Seahouses, a lovely fishing village in Northumberland, where a friend of mine rented his fisherman’s cottage out to us. It was a wonderfully comfortable little cottage, and we actually caught fish for dinner in this area. We drove up to Bamburgh to take pictures at the castle.

There are many areas in England where the landscape will take your breath away.

We lived in Hartlepool, close to where Colin was born and when I first visited this area Colin showed me what was left of the colliery where he served his apprenticeship. I have added a picture of the remains of Horden Colliery

England, County Durham, Horden Colliery Pully Wheels monument with Colin posing
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