Majorca's Palma Aquarium is known as Europe's top tourist attraction

We think that Palma Aquarium s the best and most exciting attraction on the island of Majorca. A visit to this attraction will certainly not dissapoint ...

... and is well worth the entrance fee.

Best of all, there are busses that will take you there - EMT 15, 25, and 23. To drive to the Aquarium, take the Palma Motorway and get off the Llucamajor/Santanyi exit 10 towards Platja de Palma.

Majorca's Palma Aquarium is known as Europe's top tourist attraction, boasting over 8,000 specimens from 700 species as well as over five million litres of seawater. As a visitor, you will actually be able to experience the beauty and delicacy of the world's ocean eco-systems beautifully showcased in Majorca's fantastic Palma Aquarium. But that's not all ...

... there are other exciting things to be enjoyed at this awesome attraction.

For children, the Aquarium offers something truely unique. If you would like to give your children an extra special thrilling party whilst on holidays in Majorca, they could enjoy an experience they will never forget.

It all starts off with a fun filled tour of the Big Blue, followed by dinner time at the Cafeteria-buffet Mediterra, where your children will meet other children before joining in a variety of fun games and activities. Later on comes the thrill of the evening ...

Sleeping underneath the Sharks!.

Children will be in total wonderment and feel as though they are actually in the water with the sharks, so, it is possible ...

... your children may not get any sleep that evening and there is even more offered to the children in the morning.

For people who want an even closer encounter with the sharks, the Aquarium is now offering their latest activity in the Big Blue, Europe's deepest shark tank holding 3.5 million litres of salt water. Yes, if you're brave enough, you could, would you believe it ...

... Dive with the Sharks!

We are sure you will love this amazing attraction. To read more about Majorca's Palma Aquarium, Sleeping With The Sharks, Dive with the Sharks or Tarrifs and Opening Hours, please click on the links below. These links are dedicated pages on our website and you will not be taken to another window in your web browser.

Sleep With the Sharks

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