Alaro – A bustling village situated in a valley between two mountains

Alaro was the first place we lived when my husband Colin and I arrived in Majorca, we rented a lovely newly modernized row house.

It is a lovely village filled with very friendly people. When you walk down the street ...

... everybody says Hola, Buenos Dias to you as if they had known you for years.

There is a grocery store with quite a large variety of foods and a butchers. There is even a shop for stationery. It also has quite a few great bakeries where you can purchase lovely fresh breads and pastries and ...

... when you are waiting in line, you can have a gossip with the locals.

There are several great restaurants and bars in this village where you can dine or sit and relax. The friendly atmosphere is second to none and you will ...

... quickly feel welcomed.

Every Saturday morning, the market is on in the lovely town square (called Plaza del Ayuntamiento). It is a very nice market where ...

... you can purchase very fresh fruit and vegetables, hand made clothing and fashion jewellery, plants, kitchen utensils, sheets, blankets and many other items. Well, you can even buy a delicious cooked chicken straight from Bascilio’s rotisserie.

In this town square there is a lovely hotel and a few very nice bars where you can ...

... relax inside or outside on the patios.

Majorca, Alaro, scenic view of gardens with the mountains in background
Majorca, Alaro, scenic view of gardens with the mountains in background. Mallorca, Alaro, view of the village square with restaurants and hotel

The village church is also in this square. This is where all of the Spanish Fiestas are held. And believe me ...

... from San Antoni to Bull Fighting Festivals and Fiestas with the Mallorcan Traditional Dancers, Alaro, being quite a wealthy village, knows how to celebrate them all in style.

Majorca, Alaro, St. Antonio fiesta, bonfires around the village square.

They are also interesting points around the neighborhood with the d'Amunts and Ses Rotes hosting artists and writers. ... and where they lived perellona illustrious artists, Mompó, Coronado, Alex Llull, etc ... Besides the Plaça Nova (where there is a sculpture of Enric Broglia) and Plaça Rosselló, with excellent gardens and also a sculpture by Solveig Pripp.

Majorca, Alaro, winter scene with snow on the mountain tops Mallorca, Alaro, view of the surrounding mountains
Majorca, Alaro, winter scene with snow on the mountain tops. Mallorca, Alaro, view of the surrounding mountains.

One of the most important economic activities was the footwear industry, which in its glory days had more than 30 factories and employed 2,000 people

If you decide to visit Alaro, be sure to take the time to explore this village. If you take a walk up the hill, you will certainly enjoy the views.

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